Although internet TV is still in its relative infancy, tons of scripted online content is created and uploaded each day. Hours upon hours of creative, original material is out there, just looking for an audience. Unfortunately, right now it is very difficult for content creators to reach that audience, because they do not know that internet TV, or web series, even exists.

One of our main purposes with this blog is going to be to expose our visitors, who are likely unfamiliar with the concept of original scripted online content, with the vast entertainment world that exists beyond online sketch comedy, vlogs, and viral videos. You'll get one new article every week.

Like this: Watch TV Online
And this: Viral Videos
And this too: Funniest VIdeos

We are going to highlight lots of our favorite web series on this page, and we are going to post as often as we can when we discover a new show that we really enjoy. 

Web video is getting longer and longer. Everyday it is further interwoven into the fabric of our entertainment lives. We hope that this blog can be a starter guide for the uninitiated, and a place you come to check out the best new content around. 

Another big part of what we're going to do here is share the tips and techniques that we have learned throughout the creation of "Home at Last." Lots of our website visitors are aspiring internet TV creators themselves. We're planning posts on every aspect of web series production, from marketing, to set design, and so on and so forth. We've gotten the opportunity to work with quite a few talented people on "Home at Last" and we're excited to share the lessons they've taught us with you. 

It's no uncertain fact that we still have a lot to learn here at "Home at Last," and for that reason, we eagerly anticipate your feedback on the articles that we post.