One of the funnest parts of releasing a series online is getting to interact with the audience. It's exciting to be able to have that 2 way communication. To see their immediate reaction to the videos release, whether those reactions are really, really good or really, really bad.

So, in honor of that, here's a totally random sampling of the comments so far...

1) dude in green looks like Zuckerberg. lol. - Koky5150
2) Why was I spammed with yet another sad excuse for a trailer yet again. - LaTinctoire 
3) american comedy sucks since 20 years ago - SkyLitDriveFan123
4) This looks great, I would love to see this as a full half hour or hour show - SkyLitDriveFan123
5) YEAH! YE-YEAH!Alan Matthews from Boy Meets World, a few people from The Guild, good shit! - RockMeChunsaDeus

The comments posted here are from the video above! Watch it now!

Obviously, comments can be good or bad. But it's important for content creators to look at every comment as a positive thing. First, no such thing as bad publicity etc. etc. But second, and more importantly, everyone that leaves a comment is a potential fan. You just need to engage with them, respond to the comment, and they might keep coming back.

That's why we're trying to respond to every comment left on our youtube videos. If they commented in the first place, yes they could just be trolling, but they probably just need a friend.

Let your show be that friend!