Dr. Scholl's Calling Wedge Sandals

Dr. Scholl's Calling Wedge Sandals in Dr. Scholl's Shoes - Women's Calling Wedge Sandal - Walmart

Dr. Scholl's Calling Wedge Sandals – Wedge boots, wedgies, or lifties are shoes and boots with a sole in the form of the wedge, these kinds of that one piece of material, generally rubber, serves as both equally the sole and the heel. This design dates back to historical Greece. Wedgies for women are more common and sometimes possess a sole that is much thicker in the back than on the front, making them higher-heeled boots or shoes. There are numerous variations available beneath the wedges footwear category, the most typical types are platform wedge, ankle straps wedge, low wedge, t-straps wedge, and closed-toe wedge.

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